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Wood Fencing

Pressure Treated Pine

The Pressure Treated Pine (PTP) that we utilize for our wooden fence installation is sourced both domestically and from South America. Pine is a very popular material for wood fences because of its price and because it can be treated (Pressure Treated) to make it resistant to rot, decay and insects.

Pressure Treated Pine Wood materials are well suited to the intense tropical Florida Climate. Pressure treated pine is one of the most popular choices in residential outdoor structures. In order to prevent decay, weathering and termites' pressure treated pine is chemically treated.

We shoot hot-dipped rink shanked galvanized nails. We choose rink shanked nails to prevent boards from warping and hot-dipped galvanized, to avoid rust. Unlike most companies, we do not use pre-made wood panel sections, which allows us to effectively shadow the contour of your yard.

Our board on board PTP fences are CUSTOM made and installed picket by picket to ensure the highest quality fencing system.


6' Pressure Treated Pine - Stockde Style Fence

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