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VINYL/ PVC Fencing

The most commonly installed vinyl / pvc fence is the  6′ high white privacy fence. Homeowners love this fence due to the multitude of benefits. Not only does this fencing system provide ultimate privacy, it also requires virtually no maintenance. The two most popular installed colors include white and tan.

Vinyl / PVC fences hold superior strength. While PVC has 4X the flexibility of wood, it also has 5X times the tensile strength of wood.

Vinyl is virtually maintenance free. It is smooth and non-porous which makes it a highly unfavorable environment for mildew to grow. While mildew may form under highly wet conditions, it can be removed simply by water and a mild detergent, leaving it looking brand new. Vinyl fences do not require any form of scraping, maintain, or staining. If you are looking for a low maintenance, strong, and aesthetic fence...look no further.


6' White Vinyl / PVC Privacy Fence


6' Tan Vinyl / PVC Privacy Fence

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