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The Superior Benefits of On-Site Built Wood Fencing

Choosing on-site built wood fencing over pre-fabricated factory-made wood fence panels offers several significant advantages. At Signature Fencing, we take pride in constructing fences that are not only visually appealing but also robust and long-lasting. One of the key elements of our superior craftsmanship is the use of high-quality nails for each picket, ensuring a secure and stable attachment. This meticulous attention to detail contrasts sharply with the more standardized and often less durable methods used in factory-made panels. Our posts are anchored with fast-setting concrete, providing a solid foundation that enhances the fence's stability and longevity, even in challenging weather conditions.

Moreover, the structural integrity of our fences is reinforced by using strong 2"x4" rails instead of the weaker 2"x3" rails typically found in factory panels. These thicker rails offer greater support and resilience, reducing the risk of sagging or warping over time. Additionally, our pickets are 5/8" thick and 5.5" wide, compared to the thinner 1/2" thick and 4" wide pickets used in pre-fabricated options. This increased thickness and width not only contribute to a sturdier fence but also provide better coverage and a more substantial appearance. These features ensure that our custom-built fences are not only stronger but also more aesthetically pleasing.

Our commitment to quality extends to our gates as well. Like our fences, our gates are built on site, ensuring they are crafted to fit perfectly and match the strength and durability of the surrounding fence. By constructing gates on site, we can customize them to meet specific functional and aesthetic requirements, using the same high-quality materials and construction techniques. This approach results in gates that are not only secure and durable but also seamlessly integrated with the overall design of the fence, enhancing both the appearance and functionality of your property.

In essence, our site-built wood fences and gates are tailored to meet specific needs and preferences, offering a level of customization that factory-made panels and gates cannot match. The combination of high-quality materials, precise construction techniques, and careful installation results in a fence and gate system that is built to last. Investing in an on-site built wood fence and gate from Signature Fencing means choosing durability, strength, and a bespoke design that enhances the beauty and value of your property.

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